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 Choosing the right mattress

Americans spent $5.8 billion on mattresses and box springs in 2010. With that much money being spent you would think consumers would know what kind of mattress is good for them.

For years Doctor's have been telling patients with back problems to get firm mattresses, but is a firm mattress all you need to look for? What if you don't find firm mattresses comfortable? What then. A study in Spain in the early 2000's suggest this age old wisdom may not be true. 313 patients with moderate chronic back pain were given new mattresses. They were firm and medium firm. The patients were not told which beds they received. The patients who received the medium firm mattresses showed less back pain after 90 days than the patients who received firmer mattresses. A synopsis of the study may be seen at The Lancet web site. 

So what do you look for in a new mattress? The mattress has to be supportive and also comfortable. A supportive mattress will keep the sleeper on a level plane. Shoulders hips and ankles will be aligned. This can be achieved lying on a door but that would not be very comfortable. So the mattress needs to conform. Conforming means that mattress rises up and fills in the small of your back, the backs of your knees. If it conforms too much than you aren't being supported. Only you can determine the right balance of support and conformity. The best way to choose is to try them. Lie down and close your eyes. Does the mattress support you but also feel comfortable? If you sleep on your side, then roll over. Don't be shy. This is a sizable purchase and something you will have for a long time.

Go to your Doctor when you are sick. Consult a sleep expert at Mattress Center when you need a new mattress.

Thanks to all of this research choosing a mattress can be rather daunting. Come down to Mattress Center and let our sleep experts help you find the right bed for you.

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